Indian Butter Chicken with Sambal Yogurt Sauce

Our tacos are fairly hefty, generally two to a meal (although long-time customers claim they can eat 5 or more at a time...they're addictive!) Our tacos are entirely wheat-gluten free unless otherwise specified**. We serve them on a double-thick griddled corn tortilla which keeps the whole thing together. Sometimes we carry flour tortillas for quesadillas--you just have to ask.

We allow substitutions / additions at no charge because we respect that you know what you like to eat. We make polite recommendations against combinations that may not taste right, but we've also gotten great flavor ideas from customers who give us zany requests!

We shop for food on a daily basis, so the menu may change around a little bit from day to day, but not by a large degree from one day to the next. It's good to check our Twitter Page if you want up to the minute updates of our menu and location. Sometimes we Tweet about limited specials, discounts or limited availability #OffMenu items.

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Our typical menu is very similar to this one:
  • Locally sourced ground beef w/ cheddar jack and fresh salsa (sour cream optional) $4
  • Grilled chicken w/ cheddar jack, fresh salsa (sour cream optional) $4
  • Spicy jerk chicken w/ avocado lime cream $4
  • Thai peanut chicken w/ sweet chili slaw $4
  • Locally sourced pork chorizo w/ queso fresco, cliantro, onion & lime $4
  • Vegan curried potato w/ mango chutney $4
  • Vegan chorizo (soy, seitan, grains, spices) w/ pineapple salsa $4**
Several photos of our tacos are featured on the local food website Food Collage.

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